Multiple Reboot Scheduler 免安裝版 – 優化 Windows 啟動時間

使用 Multiple Reboot Scheduler 免安裝版 來幫您優化 Windows 啟動時間,讓您的電腦啟動變快

Multiple Reboot Scheduler 免安裝版 是一款可協助優化 Windows 啟動時間的可擕式應用程式。它透過執行一系列定時的重新啟動來啟用開機優化,其旨在觸發電腦的內建開機優化 – 排程的重新啟動功能具有可選的 10 秒嗶嗶聲的倒數計時警告,讓您能準備就緒。透過多次重新啟動觸發開機優化有助於縮短啟動時間,並且擁有一個工具為您自動執行此順序,是一個很好的選擇。它還允許備份和還原桌面圖示配置、每次重新啟動後自動登入、在開始操作之前處理閒置工作等…它還將監控第一次和最後一次重新啟動所花費的時間,讓您能夠驗證任何改進。如果您遇到啟動時間較慢並且正在尋找一個可以幫助解決問題的簡單自動化工具,那麼不妨使用 Multiple Reboot Scheduler。(丹楓)(軟體下載)

Multiple Reboot Scheduler 免安裝版

【軟體名稱】:Multiple Reboot Scheduler 免安裝版 – 優化 Windows 啟動時間
【軟體大小】:407 KB
【作業系統】:Windows All

Multiple Reboot Scheduler is a portable app that can assist in optimizing the Windows boot time.

It enables boot optimization by running through a timed series of reboots which are intended to trigger your machine’s built-in boot optimization – the scheduled reboots feature a countdown with an optional audible 10-second beep warning, so you are ready. Triggering the boot optimization via multiple reboots can help improve slow boot times and having a tool that auto-performs this sequence for you is an excellent option. It also allows for backing up and restoring your desktop icon layout, auto-login after each reboot, processing of idle tasks before starting the operation and more. It will also monitor the time taken from the first and last reboots in the sequence, allowing you to verify any improvements. If you are experiencing slow boot times and are looking for a simple automated tool that may help fix the issue, then Multiple Reboot Scheduler is it.

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