Rootkit 移除工具 – Kaspersky TDSSKiller 免安裝版

Rootkit 移除工具Kaspersky TDSSKillerTDSSKiller 可以偵測並移除已知和未知的 Rootkit,幫您擺脫各種惡意軟體感染,它可以偵測兩種檔案類型:惡意軟體(已確定的惡意軟體);可疑軟體(無法辨識的惡意軟體)。

Rootkit 被駭客用來入侵和攻擊他人的電腦系統,電腦病毒、間諜軟體等惡意軟體也常使用 Rootkit 來隱藏其蹤跡,因此 Rootkit 已被大多數的防毒軟體歸類為具危害性的惡意軟體。(丹楓)

Kaspersky TDSSKiller 免安裝版

如何使用 TDSSKiller 移除 Rootkit
1.執行 TDSSKiller.exe 檔案。
2.按下 [Start scan] 按鈕來開始掃瞄。

若選擇 Delete,刪除惡意程式後需要將電腦重新啟動,即可恢復電腦的安全狀態。


【軟體名稱】:Kaspersky TDSSKiller 免安裝版 – Rootkit 移除工具

【軟體大小】:4.7 MB

【作業系統】:Windows All




Kaspersky TDSSKiller 原文簡介:

Kaspersky TDSSKiller is a portable app designed to detect and remove known rootkits and rootkit-like anomalies.

TDSSKiller is portable and should be run as administrator. ITDSSKiller can be run as is or the parameters can be changed. Parameters include system memory, services and drivers, boot sectors, and loaded modules. Additional options include verifying file digital signatures, detect TDLFS file system, and using KSN to scan objects. the default parameters will work for most and should only be changed by advanced users.

Simply click on Start Scan to begin and wait. Once completed, you are notified of any threats and TDSSKiller can remove any problems found. The scan is very fast and the app is easy to use.



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